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A-line dress – style 1

A-line dress – style 1

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But Mr. Bloomberg and his police commissioner, Raymond W. Kelly, received high marks on the crime issue: 57 percent of New Yorkers said they approved of the way Mr. Bloomberg was handling crime, and 61 percent said they approved of the way Mr. Kelly was handling his job as police commissioner. Even 50 percent of the respondents who said they had been the target of a racially motivated police stop approved of Mr. Kelly’s management.

“I live in Brooklyn, in Coney Island, and everybody has guns; 3-year-old old kids have guns! It’s outrageous,” said Johnny Rivera, 52, a former foreman at an aluminum company. About the stop-and-frisk practice, he said, “The worst thing they could do is stop it.”

Mr. Bloomberg, who has overseen a significant rise in the number of stops during his tenure, scored slightly lower on his stewardship of race relations, with half of residents saying they approved and a third saying they disapproved. Just 36 percent of black residents said they approved of the mayor’s handling of race relations.